ATV riding through the jungle, ziplining over the canopy, and Montezuma waterfall in Costa Rica's adventure tour

Montezuma Falls Day Trip from Santa Teresa

Embark on a Journey of Discovery and Thrill

Discover the heart of Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes with our full-day adventure tour that promises non-stop excitement and connection with nature. From the thrill of ATV rides in Mal Pais to the awe-inspiring zipline flights through the rainforest canopy, this experience is designed for those who crave adventure and the essence of pura vida.

Your Adventure Itinerary

  • Morning Kick-off: Your journey starts at 7:30 AM, where you’ll hop on an ATV and zoom off towards the lush jungles of Mal Pais. Feel the adrenaline as you navigate through the rugged terrains, a prelude to the day’s adventures.
  • Zipline Through the Canopy: Next, ascend to the treetops for a zipline adventure that takes you flying above the rainforest. Witness the tropical flora and fauna from a unique perspective, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • Montezuma Waterfall: The tour continues to the enchanting town of Montezuma. A short hike into the mountains leads you to the stunning Montezuma Waterfall. Revel in the beauty of this natural wonder, a serene and powerful testament to Costa Rica’s untouched beauty.

What’s Included

  • All Necessary Equipment: ATV, canopy gear, and an experienced guide to lead the way.
  • Admission: Entry to the breathtaking Montezuma Falls.

Meeting and Pickup Details

  • Location: Direct meeting at Malpais (20 min drive south of Santa Teresa), Puntarenas Province, or opt for a convenient pickup. View Map
  • Scheduling: Confirm your time with our local provider in advance to ensure a seamless experience.

Discover Pura Vida

This tour isn’t just about seeking thrills; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty and spirit of Costa Rica. Visit picturesque towns, explore untouched beaches, and journey through magical places rich in flora and fauna. Surround yourself with rivers, mountains, and the essence of pura vida.

Ready to Adventure?

Whether you’re an adrenaline enthusiast or a nature lover, this tour offers a blend of excitement, beauty, and unforgettable moments. It’s your chance to embrace the adventure, discover breathtaking sights, and make memories that will last a lifetime in Costa Rica’s paradise.

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Live the pura vida and make your trip to Costa Rica an unforgettable journey of adventure and discovery.πŸ‡¨πŸ‡·πŸžοΈπŸ›΅πŸŒ΄πŸ¦œπŸŒŠπŸ’¦πŸŒˆβœ¨

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